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Fenris x Orochi by MondoArt :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 15 12 Free Colouring Page: Starfish :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 6 9 Ganesh :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 3 11 Abduction :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 12 7 The Cheshire Cat :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 6 9 Henry Cabrera - Captain Britain :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 16 15 Subconscious :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 2 3 Psychedelicat! :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 7 10
Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight pt18
The squad gathered in Fenris’s room. Having spoken with him about what he needed to return home, Fumiko had brought the full-length mirror from her own room as a permanent part of the furniture, deciding that his need was greater than hers. There weren’t many in the castle, but being a unit commander had its perks. As Shiro’s eyes fell on it, he found himself thinking about how much easier it would have been to show Fenris his Spirit Knight get-up if it had already been there, instead of having to rely on a faint reflection in the window. The unit members were all gathered in a loose group, facing Fenris with the feeling that they were about to lose one of their number. One by one, they stepped forward; even those who had spent less time with him were clearly affected by his departure.
Hayate stepped forward first. Wordlessly, he extended a hand, eyes full of respect and gratitude. Fenris grabbed his hand and clasped his forearm like the tradition back home, his
:iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 3 5
Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight Pt17
Shiro: What about these?
Shiro held up a pair of leather boots decorated with blue flames and blew off the thick layer of dust that had been coating them. As it filled the air around him, he coughed, covering his mouth with the crook of his elbow.
He and Taisen had been searching the vault for the last twenty minutes, hoping to find a few items in the clothing stores that they could give to the new ally that they had quickly grown very fond of. In the short space of time since they had met, they had gone from almost killing each other (that was how Shiro would tell the story, even if it was a little more one-sided in truth) to standing side by side to face the most dangerous demon that any of them had ever encountered. Without Fenris’s aid, many Spirit Knights would have lost their lives. Both Shiro and Taisen, as well as the rest of their unit, had been glad to hear that Fenris intended to stick around for a few days.
Taisen: Yeah, they’re definitely appropriate.
He grinne
:iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 3 3
Mature content
Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight Pt16 :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 2 0
Approaching Storm :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 7 3
Mature content
Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight Pt15 :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 1 0
Botanical Jellyfish :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 11 4
Mature content
Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight Pt14 :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 1 0
Mature content
Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight Pt13 :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 2 3




Somewhere along the line I stopped signing my drawings, which is kind of weird, because the ones I signed back in the day were ones that were made from traced bases or just basic costume designs. Recently, I've been drawing things from scratch and leaving them unsigned. I think it's time for the signature to return!

Funny story - my art signature happened because of a night where I was drawing (I believe from scratch on that occasion) while I was almost too tired to keep my eyes open, years and years ago. When I reach a certain point of tiredness I actually get aphasic (which is where you try to say a word but a completely different word comes out instead). It can be quite amusing on occasion, but it's rare that I reach that level of exhaustion! I completed the drawing after several spells of nodding off, then signed my name. Or at least I thought I had... you'll see what I actually wrote when I sign my next picture.

For those of you who have been paying close attention to my journal and have been following me for a while, my sister's DeviantArt username is actually a piss take of my signature because she found it so hilarious! (She's not active now but I will link her mass effect pencil drawings again at some point soon!)

How did you come up with your signature? Or do you just sign your name?


Satsukiyami Shiro
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United Kingdom
Author and owner of Demon Tide. Addicted to Marvel comics. Always have a cup of tea on the go. Big fan of Liverpool FC and the Force India Formula 1 team. Hipster Deadpool fan (I remember his first appearance!). Crazy about Star Trek.

Who is the greatest Guardian of the Galaxy? 

5 deviants said Groot
3 deviants said Rocket Raccoon
2 deviants said Gamora
1 deviant said Star-Lord
1 deviant said Drax the Destroyer



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